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The Farewell

Billi - the focus of the conflicts about the generation and cultural differences of East and West, such as the underground waves, smoldering but also intense.

Billi and mother: They are as fierce as mother and daughter in Ladybird, although they still love each other but they do not like each other. To her, lying to her was to share that burden with those who were about to leave, because it was fear that killed people rather than illness. As for Billi, it is illegal to hide illness with someone and also takes away the right to bid farewell to the person who is about to die. Or for mom, there's no need to cry to prove her sadness. As for Billi, who just walked into the house, met her grandmother, she tried very hard to contain the crying.

Billi and relative: Billi belongs to the generation of pure bananas in addition to gold, she was taken to America at about 5.6 years old. 25 years growing up here with her parents, she is stuck between two East-West cultures. From the beginning of the film, Billi has clearly shown his individualism, "My life, you have the right to decide and take responsibility for what you have done." But relatives of all three generations disagree. “In the East, I cannot live for myself. One's life is related to the others, to this society. ” Gradually, Billi did not dare to believe in his original ideal that he had to tell her that it was true; and family lies that are wrong.

It turned out that a sad excuse to visit her was also an excuse for everyone to gather, sit down and talk to each other, look directly at the underground waves of generation and cultural differences.

Review "Goodbye" movie is a touching psychological film, casual dialogue. Calm movie, bold characters, such a large family but everyone has their own impression. A movie worth watching for theater!

Review The Farewell movie as an excuse for the family to be gathered

The Farewell is a movie that has a certain plot to be sad, but after plowing your heart, rubbing salt on it, you come out of the theater with a relieved mood. It was a feeling of serenity after having worked hard for the cause I chose, just like the characters in the movie struggled for a saving lie. The review of the movie Goodbye movie has a "light spoil" you should consider reading before going to the cinema to enjoy.

The Farewell movie begins when the character Nai Nai's grandmother in the film has only 3 months to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Everyone in the family agreed that it would hide her illness. In order for her to not doubt why the children were suddenly gathered, Hao Hao's nephew organized an urgent wedding ceremony so that everyone could be with her in the last days of her life. Only his nephew Billi is the only one who disagrees with the plan, and the whole family does not want Billi to return for fear of everything exposed.

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